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COVID-19 Update

Customer Information


TO:      Lebanon Transit Customers

DATE:  October 16, 2020


Lebanon Transit is sharing the news that a Fixed Bus Operator has tested positive for COVID-19.

The employee last worked the morning of Tuesday, October 13th. The Lebanon Transit employee has made trips on Routes 2, 3, 8 & the PM Harrisburg Commute King Express runs.

Currently the employee is self-isolating at home in accordance with the guidelines established by the Pennsylvania State Health Department and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Employees who were in close contact with the driver who tested positive have been notified and instructed on steps to monitor their health.

Lebanon Transit advises any customer who has concerns about the potential exposure to follow the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and self-monitor for symptoms.

Lebanon Transit will continue to remain vigilant in minimizing the spread of the virus by:

  • Sanitizing high touch areas of all vehicles throughout the day.
  • Sanitizing all vehicles.
  • Sanitizing vehicles with electrostatic fog.
  • Hatches on vehicles are open (weather permitting).
  • Mandatory Mask Policy for all employees and customers.
  • Practicing social distancing.
  • Monitoring employee’s health.

Lebanon Transit will continue to inform customers on any new cases and updates on preventative measures as dictated from the CDC, PennDOT & FTA. Customers can find information on lebanontransit.org or at the 7th & Willow Transfer Station.

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