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Are You A Shared Ride Customer?

This low cost medical assistance transportation is in jeopardy of being dismantled

No One’s Health Or Access To Critical Medical Treatment Should Be Sold Away!

A new law requires Pennsylvania’s Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) to transition to something known as a “full-risk brokerage model.” If this happens, it means that most likely, private, out-of-state, for-profit companies will take over MATP Programs in local communities – programs that are currently overseen by locally elected and appointed leaders with services provided by well-established, known PA community-based transportation providers. There are still opportunities for you to make your voice heard!

These new brokers will be paid by the number of customers they manage, not the actual trips they provide. This builds in a financial incentive to provide fewer trips and make more money, all at the expense of customers in our community who depend on these services as a lifeline.

The potential for fewer rides and fragmented service for our customers for the benefit of out-of-town businesses and private profits is not acceptable. No one’s health or access to critical medical treatment should be sold away!

What brokerage will mean for Lebanon Transit Shared Ride Service:

Without MATP, Lebanon Transit Shared Ride Service will lose approximately 13% or more of its ridership. The negative impacts won’t just be felt by MATP customers. Seniors and people with disabilities who use the Lebanon Transit Shared Ride Service and PwD Programs may also face cuts. The resulting fragmented service could mean increased fares and decreased service options for customers.

Fortunately, many of our elected leaders recognize the need to fully examine if this is a bad deal for our local communities BEFORE awarding any new contracts. More than 100 state lawmakers have co-sponsored legislation — House Bill 986 and Senate Bill 390 — that ensures Pennsylvania can STOP and STUDY these issues before making a hurried, ill-informed decision that doesn’t consider all costs, communities and consequences.

What you can do:

Contact Governor Wolf’s Office at 717.787.2500 and ask that he help halt the award of RFA 28-18 and STOP and STUDY MATP privatization, including the negative impacts and disruption of service a brokerage model will cause.

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