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📣📣 #whamageddon starts tomorrow‼️ 📢📢
This is the perfect time to offer a few courtesy reminders for customers:

1️⃣ When listening to music on Lebanon Transit buses, please wear headphones.

2️⃣ If you get #whammed while riding a Lebanon Transit bus, there is no need to express your disappointment to other customers (or the driver). Though we feel for you, please remain in your seat and just quietly post about it on social media and move on.

3️⃣ If food or drink is comforting to you in times of distress (like losing #whamageddon), it'll have to wait until you disembark as food and drink are not permitted on Lebanon Transit buses.

We appreciate your cooperation in these matters while you try desperately to avoid getting #whammed. Good luck!!

This morning’s breakfast keynote topic at the fall PPTA conference. Did you know that Lebanon Transit has ADA programs available and that all our buses and vans are accessible?

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