Travel Training

Learn how to ride Lebanon Transit
Learn how to ride Lebanon Transit with our FREE travel training orientations. Lebanon Transit offers a personalized learning experience for individuals and groups.

What is Travel Training?

Travel training is a hands on learning experience that will help you:
  • Plan trips using Lebanon Transit Bus Routes.
  • Plan & Schedule Shared Ride trips.
  • Learn to read and understand bus schedules.
  • Learn how to pay fares and purchase passes.
  • Learn how to get to and from your bus stop.
  • Learn how to transfer buses.
  • Learn how to get on and off the bus safely.
  • Feel confident in your ability to travel safely and independently using Lebanon Transit services.

Who is Eligible?

You are! Travel training is available to any individual or group who would like to learn how to use Lebanon Transit Bus or Shared Ride.

How Do You Get Started?

Contact Lebanon Transit at 717.274.3664 or and request travel training information.

Each customer’s needs and abilities are different, so training techniques will vary with each individual. 

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