Student Fare Card

Get your free LT Student Fare Card for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year!
In order to receive the $1 each way discounted fare students must have and present
the Student Fare Card when boarding any LT Bus.  

How Does the LT Student Fare Card Work?

Students must present their Student Fare Card when boarding the bus to receive the $1 each way fare. Student Fare Cards are non-transferable and can only be used by the person whom it is issued.

Can I get the Student Fare if I just have my School ID?

No, customers can only receive the Student Fare of $1 each way if they have the Lebanon Transit Student Fare Card. No other ID or card will be accepted.

Are LT Student Fare Cards Free?

Yes! Your yearly Student Fare Card is free. You will only be charged a $2 fee for requested replacement cards. The LT Student Fare Card are valid from August 15th – June 15th of the current school year. Students will be required to renew their pass at the beginning of each school year.

Who qualifies for a LT Student Fare Card?

LT customers who are attending grades K-12, an accredited college/university or trade school, qualify to receive the LT Student Fare Card.

How do you get a LT Student Fare Card?

Step 1

Student must have one of the following forms of proof of enrollment:

  • A valid 2023-2024 school or student photo ID
  • A signed letter from the school
  • Last year’s LT Fare Card or Student ID.

Step 2

Fill out the Student Fare Card Application. This can be found at the following locations:
  • Application & Policy – Scroll down or click here
  • LT Main Office – 200 Willow St in Lebanon. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM
  • LT Transfer Center – 7th & Willow St. (Pick up application only)

Step 3

Bring proof of enrollment and a completed Student Fare Card Application to the LT Main Office or a Sign Up Event.

Step 4

LT staff will ensure all information is correct and proceed with issuing the card.  Applicants who submit paperwork to the main office will receive their card immediately, those who submit paperwork at a sign up event will receive their card in the mail.  Qualified applicants may submit applications any time during the year. The LT Student Fare Card is only valid from August 15th to June 15th of the current school year period. Students will be required to renew their pass yearly.

What happens if I lose my LT Student Fare Card?

To receive a replacement LT Student Fare Card you must:

  • Notify Lebanon Transit by phone (717-274-3664) or in person when card is misplaced or lost. There is a two (2) week waiting period before you can receive a replacement card. During this waiting period, you will not be eligible for the discounted Student Fare.
  • A $2 replacement fee will be charged.
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