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Hear real stories from real riders about how LT enables them to get the most out of life.

Hear from some of our LT riders why they ride and check out some of the other stories below


My Ride Gives Me Quality Time

Living Her Life.

When Noemi lost access to driving her car because of an accident, taking the bus was a convenient solution to help her keep her life moving. Lebanon Transit not only provided her a way to get around her community, from her son’s school to her work to the grocery store, but it also gave her the ability to spend quality time connecting with her son. Noemi enjoys the ease and reliability of using the bus to get around Lebanon, since the bus stops at all the places she needs to go, including her son’s school, the post office, and even the hospitals. When Noemi takes the bus to some of her favorite shopping centers, she doesn’t have to worry about finding a parking space, she can just take her bags right along with her on the bus. No matter what Noemi needs to do each day, LT helps make it possible for her to live her life.


My Ride Helps My Community

Bus Driver. Trusted Companion.

Desiree loves the idea of commuting to work, and is grateful that she gets to help dozens of other people reach their destinations every day. Desiree started her career as a school bus driver and found LT along the way. Since joining LT, she has enjoyed 7 years of helping passengers travel safely and comfortably. Desiree’s favorite part of being an LT driver is meeting new people and forming friendships with the riders. Though some like to text and surf the web while they ride, Desiree is a terrific listener to the those who enjoy catching up during the commute. Desiree truly values the relationships she’s built and looks forward to continuing to provide safe, convenient travel to those who rely on it.


My Ride is a Commute Escape

A Chance to Unwind.

Wesley relies on Lebanon Transit to handle his daily commute to Harrisburg. Wesley started off commuting just because he wanted to try it, and quickly discovered how much he enjoyed using the alternate mode of transportation. Wesley’s ride on LT allows him to relax, read, or just take in the scenery. He enjoys not worrying about headaches that come with daily commuter traffic or the wear on his own vehicle, plus the reduced cost of gas and other expenses gives Wesley more freedom in his budget.


My Rides Helps Me Go Green

Reliable Rides. Saving the Earth.

To Satoko, Lebanon Transit provides a resource that saves money and the environment. For someone who travels from Lebanon to the state capitol and back each day for work, driving can be tiresome and stressful. Satoko relies on LT to get her to work each day without the hassle of driving herself. In addition to saving money because of the reduced wear and tear on her car, Satoko also appreciates that she is reducing her own carbon footprint. With a direct route from Lebanon to Harrisburg at her disposal, Satoko can feel good knowing that she’s investing in her financial health, as well as the health of the planet when she rides with LT.


My Ride Connects My Community

When Carlos decided to move from New York to Pennsylvania, one thing he brought along with him was a love for his career. A shared ride driver since 1988, he found a way to continue doing the work he enjoyed so much with Lebanon Transit. Carlos lives in Lebanon, so his walk to work is only two blocks. His route around the Lebanon County gives Carlos the chance to meet and interact with lots of people in his community while helping them get wherever they need to go. As a driver, he’s given the opportunity to really get to know his riders and hear about their families, their lives, or even just talk about their day. Being an LT Shared Ride driver keeps Carlos truly connected to his community and gives him the ability to contribute to the lives of his riders.


My Ride Supports My Service

Humble Hero. Active Servant.

Paralyzed in the Vietnam War, Dennis doesn’t let his wheelchair slow him down. He uses LT to get to the VA Hospital in Lebanon 2-3 times a week for both doctor’s appointments and his continued service to his fellow veterans as a volunteer. The phone calls he makes keep him connected to his community, and he’s met quite a few other veterans while riding his regular route. LT’s worry-free handicap accessibility and reliable schedule give Dennis the freedom to continue to serve his country.

Hear more of Dennis’s story in the CBS 21 News feature “Images of Bravery”.


My Ride Is My Window To The World

Community Caretaker. Resourceful Grandmother.

When Giovanna suddenly found herself as a single mom of three, she says LT was a “godsend,” enabling her life to keep moving forward. Now, 10 years later, it’s an indispensable daily resource – enabling the independence she needs in her life. She relies on LT to take her everywhere she needs to go – work, errands at the mall, visiting friends and family, the grocery store, the bank and more – using the real time updates to see when the bus will arrive. Originally from Puerto Rico by way of Brooklyn, she’s become a recognizable figure on her LT commute, often answering questions about schedules and routes at her workplace at a doctor’s office in downtown Lebanon. Giovanna has formed relationships with both fellow riders – watching their daughters grow up together – and the drivers, who helped her buy her monthly pass when she couldn’t make it to the office herself, all thanks to LT.

Rodriguez Family

My Ride Gives Me More Family Time

Strengthening Bonds. Cherishing Moments.

For the Rodriguez family, there’s nothing more important than spending time together. It became even more of a priority when their daughter came along 8 years ago. But Juan and Martina found that their separate commutes to their jobs in the state capital was preventing them from being together as much as they would like. That’s when a co-worker told Juan about the Commute King Express from LT he uses to get to work from Annville every day. They decided to give it a shot and haven’t looked back since. Taking the LT route to Harrisburg gave them less time in transit and more time where it matters most: together. Juan and Martina get to ride together without the worries of dealing with traffic, and the route home stops right at their daughter’s school. Now they take LT everywhere – the Farmer’s Market, to the park, shopping – and get to enjoy more special moments with each other along the way.

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